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Use This Delicious “Beauty Juice” To Smooth Out Cellulite, Reduce Visible Wrinkles And Promote Collagen Growth 312%

For over 100 years beauty experts have wondered:

"Why do Chinese women age SO MUCH slower than American women?!"

Their skin stays tight, radiant, and glowing well into their golden years. Chinese women age so gracefully, they often look 15 years younger than their actual age.

And guess what. The skin-health research you’re about to discover on this page finally suggests - it’s NOT genetics!

The question is…

Are The Forever Young Women Of China Doing Something American Women Aren't?

We Americans spend spend BIG on skin care!

Some people spend a small fortune on creams, serums, and potions. Desperately rubbing their thighs, faces and arms to fight away cellulite, wrinkles and age spots. Using ANY new trick they find in the beauty magazines…

Many of them driving their spouses NUTS with their expensive and time-consuming skin obsession!

Sadly, the cosmetics industry has fooled us into doing it all.

Meanwhile, many Chinese women don’t even bother.

Instead, the perpetually young women of China are always building up their skin from the inside by eating a daily handful of specific phytonutrients.

The good news is these ultra-special foods can be surprisingly easy to afford (if you know where to look).

And it’s much easier for one to justify purchasing nutrients and superfoods that actually work when you consider that Kim Kardashian recommends you spend “$4,500 per month on skin care”.

Insane, right?!

TV Stars or not, Americans are needlessly spending a fortune on their skin. On average, American women spend $8 per day. That’s nearly $3,000 per year!

Are you ready for some exciting news?

Thanks to breakthrough research in the science of phytonutrients and skin nutrition…

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get luminous, radiant skin.

Because the superfoods you’ll discover on this page work from the inside out, they’re 5 times more effective than anything you could ever rub on the outside of your skin.

You’ll see how these superfoods nutrients support our DNA. Bringing aging skin back to life in just a moment, I promise .

Before I show you these “skin fortifying superfoods” that force your cells to build natural collagen and increase hydration from within, leaving you with radiant skin...

Let’s shatter two big skin care MYTHS the cosmetics industry invented to fool us… just so they can steal our hard earned money!

Money-Wasting Skin Care Myth #1:

"You Just Need The Right (Expensive) Cream!"

Our friends at Harvard Medical School busted this myth with a few clinical trials on a number of skin treatments…

Harvard Health Publishing writes:

“There are hundreds of skin treatments that claim to help you look younger or slow the aging process… But the best ways to keep wrinkles at bay are using sunscreen and not smoking.” 


They proved that, out of the hundreds of treatments and creams, “very few are effective at reducing wrinkles.”

Harvard researchers didn’t include much about the ancient superfoods the Chinese have used for over 100 years that actually do support collagen, elastin, and replenish hyaluronic acid in the skin...

Instead, the Harvard studies focused on disproving that creams are the key to anti-aging… and scientific research doesn’t lie.

Fact is, because the epidermis (top layer of your skin) is so thick and tightly packed with cells,

Skin creams simply CANNOT penetrate to the layer where all the magic happens - the dermis.


Top dermatologists and aestheticians all say that “the tight junctions” between our cells make it nearly impossible for serums and creams to penetrate our dermis.

To put it simply - your skin is built like a fortress.

The skin is a thick wall designed to keep you safe. No amount of rubbing will get a cream down into the dermis.

No wonder the women of ancient China never bothered with creams!

Very few products such as retinols and laboratory grade, nano-molecule creams (which can be over $300 for a tiny bottle!) effective at reaching the dermis for most people... and who has that kind of cash to blow every month?

Not me.

Thank The Lord!
Now We ALL Know The Truth
About Pricey Skin Creams...

Yes, those expensive creams can be a big waste of money! Thanks Harvard scientists for watching our health and our wallets. 👍

Now you probably want to know… are there any natural ways to build and maintain healthy skin? What are Chinese women doing that we’re not?

Well, it all starts with the STRUCTURE of your skin and how you feed your skin from the inside, out. Let me explain...

You can think of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid as building blocks underneath our skin. They hold up skin like a bridge supports a road.

These three blocks are critical if we want to hold on to youthful looking skin well into our golden years.

We need our body to keep manufacturing this hydrating acid to maintain fullness IF we ever hope to fend off dimpled skin long term.

We need to give our skin the right raw material to work with, if we ever want to overhear people gossiping... “how come she doesn't have cellulite?!" or "how does SHE keep her skin looking SO young and vibrant?!”

But, if we’re not careful, collagen and elastin breakdown in our skin starts to wrinkle, dimple and sag. That’s when that obvious “old look” starts to creep in.

People we’ve known for a long time start to notice…

You joke around with friends, talking about the woes of age and there's no denying it - we’re growing old, fast!

Thank goodness there are smart ways to fend off wrinkles, dimples and saggy skin.

We just need the right compounds that actually build natural collagen and elastin from the inside, outNOT by slathering some serum on our skin’s surface.

REMEMBER: Rubbing creams, serums, and acids on our skin merely cover up our problems (like makeup) because they aren’t absorbed fully. We need to work from the INSIDE, feeding our skin the right nutrients.

Luckily, the science of aging is simple.

Notice how the decay of elastin and collagen in the dermis (the invisible layer) cause wrinkles, dimples and sagging in our epidermis (the visible layer).

When collagen and elastin breaks down we have less structure supporting our skin.

The Good News?

When the bridge starts to break down we simply need to rebuild it. Easy!

And the million dollar question is…

How Can We Naturally Support Strong
Collagen, Elastin, & Hyaluronic Acid Bridges? HINT: With The RIGHT Nutrient Building Blocks!

Many factors increase cellulite... giving us that dimpled, orange peel skin look that everyone notices.

But no matter our age, how much sun exposure we have had, or how little water we’ve consumed in our lifetime, our skin can actually be restored, hydrated, and healed with the right combination of rare Chinese superfoods.

Not just any foods either. Superfoods packed with the right phytonutrients, collagen precursors, and natural hyaluronic acid stimulators.

😂 And no, this has NOTHING to do with collagen supplements!😂

The benefits of collagen supplements have been wildly exaggerated.

You’ll see the science behind why collagen supplements don’t work further down on this page.

Turns out, members of the ancient Chinese royal family of the Tang Dynasty had this secret figured out a long looong time ago.

No wonder Chinese women today all look so DARN young! They’ve been using the age-old remedies passed down by their grandmothers.

You’ll discover these 13 incredible skin-loving superfoods in a moment, but FIRST let’s make sure you don’t waste another thin dime on skin care products you don’t need! Let’s debunk another Skin Care Myth together.

Ready? Good.

Money-Wasting Skin Care Myth #2:

"A collagen supplements work wonders!"

The collagen industry has grown to gargantuan size. It’s already a $6.6 BILLION per year industry and many of my clients have even taken collagen protein in a bid to reverse wrinkles and smooth out cellulite. However...

Does it really work as well as everyone says it does or is it massively over hyped?

Dermatologist Dr. Lauren Ploch says stomach acid breaks down collagen proteins before they reach the skin.

When asked about collagen supplementation, Dr. Ploch assured us that it’s “unlikely that someone would see a huge benefit from it.”

Recent studies show some evidence of benefit, but the research is very new. The findings are murky.

Dr. Mark Moyad M.D. from the University Of Michigan urges us to not believe the “collagen supplement hype” because so much of the research is conducted by the SAME supplement companies that sell it!

He says that “the science is truly in its infancy,” and “there’s a lot of conflict of interest, and not enough quality control.”

Dr. Moyad stands against unsafe collagen supplements. He’s not alone.

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital says “collagen is broken down into amino acids in your GI tract after being ingested. It is unlikely that any whole collagen makes it to your bloodstream.”

It seems the medical community are extremely skeptical about the benefits of collagen supplements and that's understandable. However...

I did stumble across one study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The researchers wanted to see if there was any improvement in cellulite appearance, while taking a collagen peptide supplement on a daily basis. Their results were positive showing a "clear improvement of the skin appearance in women suffering from moderate cellulite" after 6 months. However...

Their study sample size was relatively small and, let's face it, 6 months is a long time to wait and if you've got more severe cellulite how much longer will it take to see an improvement? Years?

The final word on collagen?

It’s not all its cracked up to be!

Now you might be thinking...

“Okay, Collagen Supplements Aren't The Fountain Of Youth…So Which Superfoods Actually Work
To Give Me Glowing Skin?”

Double-blind studies now show that some phytochemicals found in plants make the collagen/elastin structures of our skin ultra-strong.

There are specific compounds that plump up collagen. Some compounds fortify elastin. And yes, some replenish skin moisture, bringing our youthful, radiant skin back from the dead.

The royal family of China knew about these rare superfoods, including the Chinese “Royal Fungus”.

They kept them secret for nearly 2,000 years for a very good reason.

It all started with a beautiful woman who made history…

Her name was Yang Guifei, born in the year 719 A.D. during the Tang Dynasty.

Today, she is still considered the most beautiful woman in all of Ancient China. According to legend, she had “a face that put flowers to shame.”

For years, scholars decoded and translated The Old Texts, trying to figure out her secrets for long lasting beauty and radiance.

Finally, they unlocked her secret… and they were shocked to discover she relied on a rare forest fungus to look absolutely stunning until the day she died.

However, ancient texts reveal it wasn’t just ONE fungus keeping these women looking youthful. Turns out..

Legendary Superfoods Held The Secret To Yang Guifei's Legendary Beauty!

Yang Guifei and other royal women depended on several strange, but potent superfoods to maintain perfect skin. In total, there are 13 ancient superfoods that are now scientifically shown to:

  • Significantly improve skin elasticity, smoothing out cellulite and waving goodbye to saggy skin!
  • Increase natural collagen synthesis, forcing skin to plump up and filling up those dimples and wrinkles.
  • Hydrate skin cells naturally. Could this overcome the dullness from years of not drinking enough water, or drinking too much coffee? Science indicates, quite possible!

You might be thinking:

“Really, superfoods can do ALL that? Sounds too good to be true.”

Well, it’s not. China has been using these beauty secrets for many years. And finally, modern science has caught up with ancient wisdom.

Let’s reveal the 13 miraculous nutrient-rich superfoods for luminous, youthful skin!

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone… if you keep reading I’ll show you how to get all 13 superfoods in ONE delicious beverage - for a special price!

Inside You'll Find 13 Potent Superfoods For Hydrating & Repairing Skin Elasticity


In Ancient China, this rare mushroom was reserved only for royalty. Today, the Tremella mushroom is proven to support skin elasticity and hydration. In fact, this unique mushroom has five times the hydrating power of Hyaluronic Acid!


The fruiting body of the rose is a potent antioxidant that is rich in Vitamin C and proven to boost natural collagen synthesis – and they also taste delicious!


Although commonly applied topically, when consumed, Aloe Vera has a powerful hydrating effect on skin. It stimulates fibroblasts to increase moisture and absorption of other essential nutrients.


Because silica is necessary for the formation of collagen, this special extraction is a must have for vibrant and radiant skin.


With 60 times more Vitamin C than oranges, this Amazonian superfruit proves to be a potent antioxidant that increases natural collagen.


Also called Indian Gooseberry, this tasty little fruit is a potent antioxidant, proven to repair DNA and build collagen, helping rebuild damaged skin after years of sun exposure.


No wonder this fruit was found in Ancient Egyptian artwork. Modern science confirms it’s high in ellagic acid, which is proven to reduce wrinkles by lowering inflammation and preserving collagen.


This well-known fruit is abundant in ellagic acid, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It’s rich in antioxidants and adds a delicious berry flavor!


Lemon is a cooling, alkalizing fruit for the body, helping to support a healthy response to inflammation.

Alkalizing our system helps us absorb the other superfruits more effectively.


It's extremely rich in potassium. When taken internally, it helps our blood stream transport all the other goodies found inside the other 12 superfoods for radiant skin.


This African fruit has been praised for centuries by African Shamans – and for good reason! Baobab, a sun-ripened fruit, contains many hard-working vitamins and minerals necessary for collagen synthesis which supports DNA repair.


Packed with over 84 trace minerals, this beautiful salt brings out the delicious flavors of other GLOW ingredients. Plus, it increases cell hydration and balances internal pH!


This tasty superfood is perfect for anyone wanting to avoid the skin damaging effects of sugar. This incredible fruit is 160 times sweeter than sugar, but has ZERO calories so there’s no blood sugar spike or nasty skin aging side effects.

Introducing America's First Ever Drinkable Superfood Skin Care...

Organifi Glow

Organifi Glow

Organifi Glow is a delicious tonic that is the perfect ‘sidekick’ to your cellulite elimination training routines. It helps reduce the lumps and bumps on your hips, butt and thighs by repairing and protecting your skin from the inside, out.

It's like turbo charging your results with a refreshing pink lemonade beverage...

Just sipping it is far superior to rubbing creams, serums, and acids on the outside of the skin.

Thanks to all 13 of Nature’s most potent superfoods inside this delicious skin care beverage, noticing that youthful vibrancy coming back every time you look into the mirror. You’ll be joining hundreds of other Glow-lovers shouting:

“I love Glow for the hydration and DNA repair, and I’m even getting some results I didn’t expect. These skin spots on my arms used to be as dark as my eyebrows and now they’re fading. There’s really no other explanation for that... So hey, I’ll take it!” Individual results may vary.


“I started using Glow when it launched in June, and the biggest thing I’ve noticed is how long my nails are, how long my hair has gotten. I used to get my hair done once every four months and I’ve had it cut twice in the last four months! The difference I’ve seen in my skin, hair, and nails gives me confidence and makes me feel great.” Individual results may vary.


“How exciting! Finally, something that ACTUALLY works! YES!”

By now, you understand that the ONLY thing you must do to build collagen, maintain elastin, and increase hyaluronic acid is to eat these superfoods, right?

Trouble is, locating them, finding a great price and then extracting them would be a full-time job! That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Organifi Glow contains exactly the right dosages of these high-quality extracts. Each one supports in rejuvenating and restoring that youthful glow to our skin.

Plus, we’ve gone above and beyond to make SURE every ingredient is 100% USDA Certified Organic. It took us years to finally launch this product since the day we thought of it!

It wasn’t easy, but we finally got it into a jar for you at the lowest price we could possibly afford to.

Best part? We stand by Organifi Glow 100%.

Unlike those EVIL cosmetic companies, we simply do not want your hard earned money if you feel Organifi Glow does not help you look more radiant, beautiful, and sexy in your own skin.

You are fully protected by our 60 Day “Send It Back Empty” Guarantee!


Try the entire container for 60 days. If you're not elated with the deliciously healthy experience, and loving the way you feel, rest, think, and move throughout your day…

We'll buy back the empty container from you! Yes, we'll give you every dollar back as a 100% full refund, even if the container is completely empty. No questions asked. Just let us know within 60 days.

Even if you simply don't like the flavor, we'll honor your refund completely within your 60 days.

It couldn’t be any easier.

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Just try it for 60 days completely risk-free.

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