Proven Affiliates & Media Buyers

If you're a proven affiliate who can send a decent amount of traffic or a media buyer, then please contact us for preferential commission rates of 90-100%.

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FB Ads Package

Email Creatives

One of the best ways, by far, to make affiliate sales is to build your own email list. An email list is an asset and when you've got some decent numbers on your list, you can pretty much send out an email and make serious $pondoolies each and every day.

Now, to make things easy for you, I've created some email swipes. You can simply copy and paste these emails into your email provider (aweber, mailchimp, infusionsoft, etc) and hit send. However...

Whenever possible I recommend you "tweak" these swipes to suit your own voice and your audience.

Anyhoo, tap the button to get more details about the program and your email swipes...

Your Email Swipes


We get asked a number of questions from time to time about promoting My Cellulite Solution. So below are some of the most common questions potential affiliates ask us...

Can I use email marketing to promote My Cellulite Solution?
Yes, many of our top affiliates use email marketing, but no SPAM is allowed at all. You may only use email marketing to opted-in email subscribers.

Can I submit my Facebook Pixel to you?
Yes, you can! We can add your pixel code to our first upsell page (best place to confirm purchase) and inside Clickbank to confirm checkouts initiated. Just ping over an email to

Do you have any customer demographics available?
Yes, right now our key demographics are women, aged 40-60 in the US mainly, but also in Canada, Australia and the UK.

Facebook interests that have worked well include: Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Real Housewives of...(Beverly Hills, etc), Weight Loss (Health & Fitness), Danette May.

Can I have a list of your emails to use as a custom audience in Facebook and then create a look-a-like audience?

We cannot provide an email list due to legal reasons, however it is possible to share an a hashed email list, with which you can upload to Facebook.

Do you have a quiz or lander that can be used for Facebook advertising?

Yes, we recommend using a quiz lander to promote My Cellulite Solution on Facebook. Never link direct to the salespage from Facebook unless you want to get your ad account and/or Business Manager shutdown.

Do you have a free review copy available?
Due to a few affiliates and other dubious people taking advantage of review copies and leaking the product to various websites, we are unable to share the product. However...

You are welcome to purchase using your own Clickbank ID.